san_lan1.jpg (10223 bytes)My mommy's name is Sandy Evangeline Williams (left in photo with sister Landy). She was born on September 7, 1966, in Denver, Colorado. She was born 20 minutes after her twin sister Landy, and has been late with about everything else since! Her daddy is Chuck Henderson and her mommy is Ethel Henderson. Chuck is an Accountant/Controller, and Ethel is a retired Kindergarten Teacher.  Her sister Landy is married to Tom Matson. Landy is an Accountant and Tom is an Electrical Engineer. They are expecting as of this writing. I can't wait to meet my new cousin!

Mommy has spent all of her life living in the Denver area. Before mommy got married, she lived in the same house all her life! She went to Emmaus Elementary, then to Denver Lutheran High School, where she graduated with honors. She also was on the swim team. She spent her first two years of college at Adams State, then transferred to the University of Northern Colorado. She again graduated with honors, just one B short of a 4.0 GPA, with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation. In college she spent time as a lifeguard and camp counselor.

Mom was a Deli Clerk at King Soopers when she met daddy. She later landed a job at the Federal Center as Accounting Technician. After marrying daddy, she quit that job because of the commute and eventually landed at Joslins, working in the Lingerie Department. Catering to the occasional cross-dresser became too much, so mommy quit and started working for North Metro Community Services as a Skills Trainer. This is where she was able to put her degree to good use, working with the developmentally disabled. She claimed it was good practice for when she got home to daddy!

Mommy and daddy met at a singles dance set up by a conglomeration of churches. A mere 6 months later in October of 1991 daddy proposed to mommy. He popped the question at a Chinese Restaurant in downtown Denver, where he had previously arranged a fortune cookie with a note inside that read "will you marry me?". The answer was yes (good thing for me!) so they hitched up on April 4, 1992. They spent their honeymoon in the Caribbean on a Carnival Cruise ship, and got back exactly a year to the date after they first met.

Mommy likes to swim, travel (she got to go to Europe while in High School), read, see movies, and especially loves to talk on the phone for hours on end (just ask daddy).

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