Kelly and Sandy's Wedding

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Sandy plotting serious strategy with her Bridesmaids and her future husband's mom


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Kelly also plotting serious strategy with usher Paul, and usher Eric (large shoe), and groomsman and brother Larry (slouching next to Eric)

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The Groomsmen with the Groom: From left, brothers John and Tim (the Best Man), Kelly, friend Pat, and youngest brother Larry

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The Ushers with the Groom:  Tom (future brother-in-law), friend Paul, Kelly, friends Charlie and Eric;  Ringer Bearer Shawn

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Sandy with Bridesmaids and dad getting ready for the big moment:  From left, Andrea, Brenda, Jenny, and sister Landy (Maid of Honor)



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Will she go through with it?

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A curious crowd looks on, glued to their seats in excitement...

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The answer is I do!

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Sandy with her bridesmaids

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Kelly with his motley crew of ushers, groomsmen, and ring bearer

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Off to the reception at Baby Doe's...


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Yes dear, everyone's still looking, so keep smiling!


The Honeymoon

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Carnival Cruise, The Caribbean

  honeymoon02.jpg (10496 bytes)  

Sandy contemplating her next Tupperware party...

 honeymoon03.jpg (15110 bytes)

Undoubtedly the loudest table on the cruise liner!

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Kelly wondering if there's icebergs in them thar waters

   honeymoon04.jpg (17089 bytes)

Home and (un) wrapping things up.