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Fred (Kelly), Sandy, Ryan, and Abigail

Hi, I'm Ryan!  Welcome to our little home on the net!  I'll be your host while you visit our home page.  To take a short tour, just click on my photo to the left.  You can also use the navigation bar above for quick access to specific areas of interest!  Or heck, just page down to the Table of Contents below.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Table of Contents


bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)My Daddy
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)My Mommy
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Me

Photo Album

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A Few Stories

bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Daddy's Rock`n`Roll Career (a narration by Ryan Williams)
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)That Infamous Date (Daddy's chance to be featured on Saturday Night Live!)

Daddy's Web Sites

bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Lighthouse Dawn (Instrumental Music CD)
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Roundtree HomePage
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)The Official Bookie Pool Home Page   (Dad's play-money football pool)
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Risen Savior Lutheran Church

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ball_t_3.gif (5776 bytes)    Daddy's Commentary Pages   
  Warning! The following pages contain impeccable logic and truth.   Do not enter if you are ill-prepared for such a mind-boggling display of rational thinking!

bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)For a humorous look at the creation/evolution debate, go here!   
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)If you don't believe the Bible, please consider this!
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)For a look at the evidence for evolution in the fossil record, go here!
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Sure, I believe in the BIG BANG!
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)A debate with an evolutionist
bullet01.gif (1167 bytes)Man and Monkey ready for family reunion?  No Way! (semi-technical)

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