2011 Final Results
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Paul Lilly Wins 3rd Title!

Long time pool stalwart Paul Lilly won his 3rd title after a strong run to the finish line that began just 6 weeks ago with an all-or-nothing $3100 winner on Cincy. Paul Alaimo took 2nd place for the 2nd time in his 6 year career with a surge that started just 4 weeks ago with an all-or-nothing $2100 winner. Larry Williams took 3rd place after a quiet year, finding himself positioned for the payout circle after the multi-player crash in Week 20. For the 2nd year in a row Neal Faussett grabbed 4th place for the final play-money payout. In a Eli Manning/Brady-esque duel, Paul Lilly repeated his 2002 knockout of Kale Gilmore, who missed his 4th final game opportunity to take the trophy, becoming the "Vikings/Bills" version of the BookiePool (each also with 4 Super Bowl losses). Here are the Final Standings for the 2011 Bookie Pool season, and the updated Career Statistics.


Following are the Final Season prize winners:

   Play money, 1st, $350.00  Paul Lilly
               2nd, $215.00  Paul Alaimo
               3rd, $100.00  Larry Williams
               4th,  $50.00  Neil Faussett
   Winning %,  1st,  $50.00  Neil Faussett
               2nd,  $35.00  Fred Williams
               3rd,  $25.00  Mike Comstock
               4th,  $15.00  Dick Cooley
   Winning streak,   $35.00  Neil Faussett
   Tie-breaker pool, $35.00  Corey Reeff
   Best +6 winning %,$25.00  Kale Gilmore
   Losing streak,    $25.00  Kevin Hale
   Low-ball pool,    $25.00  Tom VanPayrs

Rookie Corey Reeff edged out Tim Sannes for the tie-breaker pool after the Giants failed to convert the 2-point conversion. Ken and Carol Jessop's bid for a 2nd-straight year at the bottom-of-the-pile for the low-ball prize was thwarted by Tom Vanpayrs by a mere 1/100th of a percentage point. Pat Mundy won net gain for the week after pointing out to the commissioner the error of his ways (errata by commish improperly entering the wrong pick into the spreadsheet).

There were three single-season Hall of Fame records broken, all by Neal Faussett. His .810 winning percentage shattered the .739 mark previously held by Fred Williams; his 10 straight weeks with a net gain also overtook WIlliams' 8 straight weeks that had held since 1996, and his 17 weeks with a net gain broke Bill WIllis' record of 16 weeks set in 2005. There was also one single-season record broken in the Hall of Lame, as Kale Gilmore's $12,000 losing wager broke the previous record of $10,104 set by John Lyon just last year. For career records, Paul Lilly's $24,351 overtook Larry Allen's $23,200, and Neal Faussett's .526 winning % overtook Larry Williams .513 mark.

Note from Commissioner: Here's the credit list showing how much you have coming, and how much you will owe next year. As in past years, if you have under $63 in winnings, unless I hear from you I'm going to assume you want it credited toward next year. If you have over $63, I'm going to subtract the $63 fee for next year and send you the balance. If you have a balance owed you, please either send me your address so I can mail you a check, or let me know if you want me to send it to your email address via PayPal. As in past years, I will wait about a week before sending payments, in case any errors are found in the Final Standings.

See you next year for the 21st season of the Bookie Pool!



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