Vacation 2001

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Hey, that's our plane!

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Silver Dollar City!

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Papa showing his usual excitement about Silver Dollar City!

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Check me out in this neat tree fort!

2001_05_375.jpg (27495 bytes)

Pap and I hoofin' it out of Silver Dollar City!

2001_05_384.jpg (25002 bytes)

Abby giddy about first boat ride

2001_05_389.jpg (25505 bytes)

Fishin', at last!

2001_05_399.jpg (18179 bytes)

Cousin Kristopher Confirmed!

2001_05_409.jpg (34001 bytes)

Post Confirmation Festivities


2001_05_418.jpg (21133 bytes)

Clowning around with my cousins


2001_05_419.jpg (29343 bytes)

Our bedtime story


2001_05_449.jpg (16690 bytes)

Red Light, Green Light

2001_05_455.jpg (23738 bytes)

Abby on the back deck

2001_05_442.jpg (38918 bytes)

A motley crew

2001_05_429.jpg (37326 bytes)

Me & my cousins

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