Vacation 2000

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Mommy tells me I can go to Missouri!

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Here I inform cousin Katlin of my upcoming trip.

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Bye mommy! Oh, the dork standing next to me is daddy!


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Denver International Airport...

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Finally made it! Its sand-pile time with Izzy and Allison (with neighborhood dog Bear looking on)

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Grandma-zouri reading us a story.

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Partying with all my cousins! Starting at my left is Allison, then Tyler, Blake, Kristopher, and Elizabeth.

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Boatin' time!

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Papa's the dork in the hat! That beer sure looks tasty!

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Papa taking me for a ride on his little vehicle we call the Mule. Yep, he's the dork behind the wheel!

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A bedtime story...


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They finally put me to work. Must be time to go!

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On the way to the airport. I had a great time! Oh, the dork in the window is uncle Larry!

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